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Young Living - Aroma Life
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Young Living - Aroma Life
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This blend of oils were found to help strengthen and improve the cardiovascular, lymphatic and circulatory systems. This blend may also help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and alleviate hemorrhoids.

            Single oils contained in blend:

Cyprus- Anti-infectious, mucolytic, antiseptic, lymphatic decongestant, refreshing and relaxing. May help improve lung circulation and relieve other respiratory problems.

Marjoram: Relaxing, calming and appeasing to the muscles that constrict and can contribute to headaches.

Helichrysum: May help cleanse the blood and improve circulatory function.  May help to let go of angry feelings that prevents one from forgiving and moving forward in life.

Ylang Ylang- May help to balance male/female energies,. Helps to filter thoughts and filter out present garbage.

            Carrier oil: Sesame Seed Oil

            Body System: Cardiovascular system

Application: Massage over heart. Can be diluted for full body massage. Apply to Vita Flex points- under left ring finger and left ring toe, left arm above the elbow and on the arteries of the neck.

Companion oils: Joy- when stress is present. Grapefruit to improve circulation and dissolve fat.

Frequency- 84 MHz

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Essential Oil - 15 ml
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